Industrial tape

Flexibility, good service, high-quality products and all of that at a competitive price. These ensured that Van Loenhout self-adhesive products became a leading supplier of industrial tapes in various industries.

Tape for exhibitions and events

Loenhout beurzen- en evenemententapeWe offer professionals in stand construction and the exhibition and events industry a wide range of strong industrial tapes for fixing carpet tiles, wooden elements, promotional materials, displays, light and sound cabling, and much more.

Tape for the entertainment industry

A successful production requires proper preparation with quality products that will never let you down and even save you time – and money. As an expert in tapes for television, film and theatre productions we know exactly how important it is for professionals like you to be able to carry out your activities fast and adequately. Our tapes have been put through exhaustive tests. This means that only the very best tapes have been selected for you. When you choose Van Loenhout industrial tapes you’re always in the front row!

Production companies

A stagnation of the production process consumes much time and money. The use of quality products can prevent this to happen. Using Van Loenhout self-adhesive tapes means that you are assured of the best tapes for a better and more sustainable production process. And all of that at a great price!

Wide range of industrial tapes

You have come to the right address for a wide range of industrial tapes. For instance masking tape, double-sided tape, sealing tape, warning tape, woodworking tape and much more. As a specialist in customised solutions we will always provide you with an appropriate advice to suit your targets. Please call 31 (0) 76 57 14 039 or send an email to for more information.